Desierto de Los Leones 

Enjoy the best trail on Mexico City Desierto de los Leones

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Desierto de Los Leones 

Our closest and most practical destination for you to enjoy extra trails to your daily ride.

This will be a fantastic experience. The appointment is at Erik’s Custom with a coffee or tea depending on your taste, bring your thermos to help the environment. We will leave for the slopes at 11 am. During the trip you will have a brief introduction to the tracks that we will cover this day, so that you can prepare yourself psychologically. Once you arrive at the starting point, your bike will be delivered to you, so we recommend you equip yourself as soon as possible to make as many laps as possible. The adventure begins warming up with Covid, a very fluid track and it is usually fun for you to go to the height and the terrain; we went up to the same point to do high tension or duende bronco, both tracks with a little more technical level. On the other side of the ravine we are three quarters of Pablo Honey, or 3/4 of Pablo with Peña Flow. We will climb to extinction and connect with soft rich. It is the most technical track for them to see what they are made of, with a good road gap. We will go up to Mitochtitlán, a ceremonial center in the highest part with a spectacular viewpoint and several points to take photos. The descent will be from Mitoch to the middle of the Hypermuro, connecting with the Fin del Mundo and a Espalda de Mujer, and then pedaling up to the Medio Muro (no more than 15 min), Cola de Ardilla, Disney, F1, sacks, swing, Ranita Trail and reach the higher.


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